Alberta is lucky to have a strong slate of conservative MPs

May 23, 2017

Alberta is lucky to have a strong slate of conservative MPs, including right here in Edmonton Riverbend.  

In October 2016, our MP Matt Jeneroux was one of the co founders of the Alberta Jobs Task Force, a plan to get Albertans working again in spite of the current leadership at the provincial and federal levels of government.  

The Jobs Taskforce, spearheaded by Generous and Calgary Nose Hill MP Michelle Rempel, was founded to address the current levels of unemployment that have skyrocketed in Alberta since 2015. 


The Taskforce will reach out to everyday Albertans, business owners, social assistance organizations and more to search for common sense solutions to the current jobs crisis.  

A report will be developed based off of these meetings with budget requests and policy solutions to improve the economic situation and unemployment problem in Alberta.  

More information can be found at

Liberals push to change Canada’s electoral system 

Since forming government in 2015, the Liberals have claimed to have a mandate to change Canada’s electoral system without reaching out directly to Canadians through referendum.  

In a survey sent to residents in Edmonton Riverbend, conservative MP Matt Jeneroux found that  X per cent of constituents in the riding support the idea of having a referendum on any changes to the current electoral system. 

Fundamentally changing the face of our democracy warrants Canadians having their say.  

Any changes to the electoral system cannot be dominated by one political party’s interests.  

The Conservative Party of Canada will continue to urge all Canadians to voice their concerns to the Liberal government over their plans for drastic change without referendum.