About Edmonton Riverbend and Matt Jeneroux

About Edmonton Riverbend

Edmonton Riverbend is a constituency of south west Edmonton.



About our Member of Parliament, Matt Jeneroux

Matt is the Conservative Member of Parliament representing Edmonton Riverbend. A long-time resident of south Edmonton, Matt is the former Member of the Legislative Assembly and also the youngest government provincial politician prior to May 2015.

In spring 2013, one year after being elected, he introduced a private member’s bill entitled Compassionate Care Leave Legislation, the first of its kind in the history of Alberta. The legislation provides a leave of absence for an employee from his/her employer while taking care of a terminally ill loved one. Furthermore, he also had two of his motions pass unanimously in the Legislature Chamber. First, to provide support for playgrounds when new schools for young families are built in the province of Alberta. He also urged the provincial government to conduct a review of the childcare policy in the province. Matt has also chaired the Capital Region Government Caucus, Youth Secretariat, and was a member of the provincial Alberta Treasury Board. In addition, he’s chaired Alberta’s Results Based Budgeting for Environment and Resource Stewardship.

During his time as MLA, Matt fought hard and was directly involved in a number of initiatives for our community, which include:

  • Advocated for the community to cut through red tape and push for 41st Avenue interchange to alleviate traffic on 111 Street.
  • Relentlessly pushed for schools to meet the needs of our growing communities in our city; resulted in 8 new schools in Southwest Edmonton.
  • Focused on keeping our community safe, Matt worked with Edmonton Police Services and Edmonton Fire Services to enhance their presence in our communities, including overseeing new fire hall in Rutherford community and police station in Windermere community.

As a Member of Parliament, Matt announced an initiative to fight for unemployed Albertans called the Alberta Jobs Task Force. He co-chairs the non-partisan group that focuses on policy solutions that support everyday Albertans. Matt is also a member of two federal committees: Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics & Public Accounts standing committee. In February 2017, Matt announced his motion in support of the geothermal industry in the cleanup of orphan wells. In addition, Matt is also on the Executive of the Canada-United Kingdom Parliamentary Association

Born and raised in Edmonton, Matt attended the University of Alberta, where he graduated in 2004. He raises his two daughters in Edmonton Riverbend.